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Painting color over monochromatic sketch portrait step by step

Painting color on monochromatic sketch portrait step by step. Digital painting tutorial, I know a lot of artists start off monochrome or achromatic then go color and others start off with color.
In this tutorial is just demonstrated one approach from many. So try out different ways will be good for you, and just go with what you feel comfortable most.
Here is a quick post for those of you who wonder how to go from monochrome to color. It's kind of tricky with skin tone, basically you just have to define the existing value and paint over. But since you already have the monochrome base, it will probably safe you almost half of the time than start doing it with color right off the bat.
Sometimes I do start with base color that's close to skin hues, and sometimes I start with black and white. It works both ways, and I think it's good to be able to do it both way. Anyway, good sketching and practice for me. I haven't been doing much painting recently, but I will try to sketch and speedpaint and post them as much as I can. :)


Step by step painting portrait over black and white drawing.

You can also go see the video how to draw this below face here: How to draw comics batgirl.
It's the previous process before I get to here (with the exception of the costume, but the face is basically the same face)
draw paint portrait step by step

Here is what I have for the final
zombie hunter girl

Here is a bigger size for "Zombie Hunter Girl"

Also as I am changing the composition a bit since I pay too much attention on the face alone already. And adding a shotgun pistol instead of the typical ones. Hope it will work out and done soon.... spending way too much time thinking changing, tweaking,... this is what happen when you try to improvise and didn't plan your painting from the get go.
zombie hunter girl

Still much work to be done so to be continued.
To see the previous process part 2: How to draw Zombie digital painting.
And part 1 from the initial sketch step by step: Female character design sketch.

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Luca said…
Mr. Taptara, excuse me the word, but u're fckn good brother!! hehe :)

You capture female faces SO GOOD! :) Love your girls, seems we have the same tastes hahaahaa! :D
Knuckles930 said…
I'll second that.

With the colour, the face comes out much better.
David said…
I love her eyes :)
XIA said…
Luca> thanks brother, since the site is called idrawgirls so I thought I should try harder on them girls. ;)

Knuckle> thanks brother

David> Thanks for noticing, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to compose that to make them half comicish and half painterly. BTW, I change the whole comp I said...this one wasn't planed out well. Do OVER. ;)
Anonymous said…
I love your drawings, the only problem I have is sometimes they look like they have a cold =] Like this one.Oh, a real novice question, but for the shaddows do you use a new layer? If so, what Flavour? (overly multiply) also, I love your artwork =]
idrawgirls said…
Anonymous> Thanks, on the right column of the page, you will see section called Frequently Ask Questions Q/A check them out. I wrote a lot of stuff that explain many aspect of how I do stuff.

or here