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Another digital painting attempt of Emma Frost

Here is Another digital painting attempt of Emma Frost.  I think I painted more than a few of Emma Frost character.  There is something mysterious, cold, and mostly temperament about the character that I really like so I am working on another one.  Anyway, tutorial is coming soon, but right now it is just work in progress (WIP).
I spend about more than a few hours on this one so far.  Hopefully it will turn out like I want her to.


Hopefully I can finish her off by the end of the week.

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Knuckles930 said…
Not to bad so far. Typical Xia touch to it.
Luca said…
Love it Xia! her portrait came out so good. We both love Emma aye! :)
Eyal said…
Looking forward to the tutorial!
Chris Reeve said…
She can give me the cold shoulder any time. p.s. thanks for the download, i look forward to watching it!
Danilo Ferreira said…
Looking hot so far!
Any major reference for this one?
keep the good work..
Jon Blur said…
I totally had gotten out of art, but with this and the rest of your blog, its sparked up this passion again. On the way to pick up a wacom tablet now. I have an old Intuos 3 with a scratchy surface.

Will also be getting a few vids from you today aswell, please keep up the extraordinary work.

p.s Emma has never looked better.
idrawgirls said…
@Knuckle, Luca, Chris Thanks brothers! happy holiday to you guys. ;-)

@Danilo not really, so far I am struggling at the moment, go look at the next post for update.

@Jon Great for you bro! Thx for the kind words! I use Intuo 3 also, they work just fine. Cheers!