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How to paint Emma Frost

How to paint Emma Frost.  Here is a final version of Emma Frost.  I've been procrastinating or busy with other stuff.  Finally, I got some times to finish Emma Frost.  Though honestly the outcome of the final image is not what I am expecting.  I usually like loose brush strokes and painterly image on my piece.  This one is a little bit off from my usual painting.  It turns out a bit too tighten and a bit trying a little too hard, in other words I might have went too far.  There are things that bothers me in this image, most of all edges.  I did not successfully display hard edges, soft edges and lost edges. It is as if  poorly accomplished.  I wish I could have execute it better in term of painterly (I don't know what that really meant, but I like it a little more loose).  I will probably take this illustration back and rework it again, but now I am just going to let it go for a while.  Anyway it does not turn out bad but just different than most of my work or what I am trying to achieve.  
On that other hand, I think we all learn something along the way whether we actually nail the final result or not.  In the process of making this illustration, I actually discovered some new things and explored territory that I've never been.  So I'm sure somehow it will strengthen my skill with my next piece.  It was a different direction over all.  Hopefully the more we paint, the better we will get.  

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Emma Frost

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Here are some image's detail
Emma Frost
Here is a Bigger image: Emma Frost

Emma Frost Face

More close up
Emma Frost close up


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mr. sifuentes said…
very cool buddy. Emma has always been a cool anti-hero. Any chance you are going to post the video tutorial?
idrawgirls said…
@Mr.sifuentes Thanks man, for the video. It was here a week ago. Here
Anonymous said…
Nice drawing.

I have a question in general about technique. When ur looking voor values, ( with low opacities 20-50% ), are u using pen pressure at all? And do u take a 100% black with 30% opacity for instance, or u stay away from the full black and whites during this phase? (having trouble finding values, ends up so smudgie really fast :) )
idrawgirls said…
@Ano Value has nothing to do with pen pressure, it is the lightness or darkness (Opacity) that you already lay down on the canvas. If you have problem with smudgie or muddy image. It is because you keep noodling your paint with different colors and values too many time at the same spot. To solve the problem, when finalize your work. Use 80% to 100% opacity only. Be more confident in your strokes and use flat color and simple is better than trying to use smudge tool or blending.

idrawgirls said…
Also Values and Colors

chalian said…
always a pleasure to discover your latest work Xia !
Merry Christmas !!!
Luca said…
Hey brother!! you really fleshed out this one dude. She's hella hot and beautiful. Great work on the portrait especially - great job on her lips.

Happy Christmas man, may we have a better year in art :)
Knuckles930 said…
This one is great. Very nice to add to your portfolio.