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Update site with awesome social toolbar by wibiya

Update site with awesome social tool bar by wibiya. The more I test the toolbar the more I am in love with it. It is the sweetest and smartest browser upgrade tool I have seen in years! It make your website and blog looks smarter with seamless integration. You guys can also browse and chat and share images or video with your friends thru Gmail, Facebook, and more without having to leave the blog. It makes you feel a little more closer like a community than previously.

Wibiya built a cool toolbar which is useful, neat and builds on current trend in websites. Another advantage is the easy installation and configuration. The plugin is easy to install. This toolbar is very user-friendly. Also new applications are added to the Wibiya platform all the time.

I would suggest you play with it by click on all the buttons.  They are addictive, interactive and fun.  Feel free to give me the feedback on the comment below.  Don't forget to try to chat with each other while you are here.  

Below are explanation of how each icon or favicon works on the toolbar on the bottom of our page.

On the Far left of the bottom tool bar:
wibiya toolbar review
A: "Real Time Users" - shows readers how many others are online and what they’re reading.  It displays web's stats in real time.  And now you know, you aren't alone here.
B: "Donate via Paypal" -You can now support by donation for good karma.  ;-)
C: "Premium Tutorials" -Quick access to see the list of our premium video tutorials without living the blog.
D: "Translate" -Let you translate any page on the blog into any language with just a click of a mouse.
E: "Recent posts" -Keep you up to date by displaying the most recent posts on the site or blog with just one click.
F: "Share" -Share the content, images, page on the blog via selected network you sign onto.

Mid section of tool bar:
wibiya toolbar review
G: -"Facebook like" - Allows readers to like your official facebook page without leaving your site via a popup.  If you want to just like the this page, click like icon on the top right column of the blog.
H: "Contact Us" -Now you can just click that icon and write to me via email without having to open up your inbox.

On the Far right of tool bar:
wibiya toolbar review
I: "Subscribe" - Allows you to subscribe to your RSS feed.
J: "Youtube" -Allows you to see all our videos from our Youtube channel via Cooliris integration without leaving the blog post or reloading the page.  **So cool a must try!!!
K: "Facebook" - Allows you to see our facebook page and the page's activities without leaving the site via a popup window.
L: "Twitter" - Allows you to see our twitter stream as well as tweet a link out about our page without leaving our blog.
M: "Chat" -Allow you to live chat on our website via gmail, facebook, myspace while you are logging in.
N: "idrawgirls Announcement" -Let you know what is new about our site via message pop up.
O: "Minimize" -Allow you to minimize the tool bar if you don't need it.

Other than the bottom tool bar, we also stream line the home page a bit more.  And we also bring back idrawgirls books recommendation section.  Some of you were asking for it because it was gone for a long time.  It took me a long while to implement the whole thing to make the website looks good.  I hope you enjoy the new update.  New art stuff is coming soon.

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Chris Reeve said…
yea that cooliris thing is.. pretty cool! man you have done alot of videos eh?
idrawgirls said…
Thank Chris, I really dig it. Very convenience. ;-)