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Dead Space 2 review and tips

Dead Space 2 review and tips.
I've been spending more time playing some great quality video games recently. Other than drawing, painting and making art tutorials, of course. Dead Space 2 is one of them. Other than its scary haunting Dead Space 2 soundtrack from the game which I love. Dead Space 2 is an amazing game. I the surprise and the scary moments, cool kills, and how much I dig the main character's design and personal issue. While other horror games are taking a few step backward (RE4), Dead Space, however, was all that RE4 should have been.
Here is a Dead Space 2 Game Trailer if you don't know what I am talking about.

Picking up an unknown amount of time after the events of the first Dead Space, Dead Space 2 again follows the portentously named engineer Isaac Clarke, this time as he makes his way through the innards, outards and around-ards of a massive space station called The Sprawl. Isaac has lost his memory and a fair bit of his mind, and is attempting both to discover what happened to him and to escape the facility alive. It all comes back to the game's atmosphere, a combination of sound design and scripting that few games can claim to match. New enemies types like the swift, evasive Stalker spice things up nicely as well, but there's still not a whole lot of enemy variation.
Overall, Dead Space 2 is a poster boy for violent carnage, but the unnerving clash between Visceral Games' desire to refocus and remodel Isaac and the situation he finds himself in is epitomised nicely about two-thirds of the way through the game.

Here is a piece of speedpainting based on Dead Space 2 I just got done. And step by step and digital painting speedy video tutorial is coming in a few days, hopefully.

Here is my speedpainting based on Dead Space 2
dead space 2 speedpainting

Well, hope you guys enjoy the post.  I think it's funny somehow that when I am not in the video game production environment anymore, I happen to play more video games.  ;-)

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Anonymous said…
Hey man,

another great painting as usual! So glad to hear you are getting more into video games now. I whole heartedly recommend Mass Effect or more importantly its sequel, Mass Effect 2. Both are a work of art and the alien character design is really awesome. Just thought I'd give you a heads up, Bioware did a great job with this series so far.

Check it out if you have a free minute! - Alien Space Bar

idrawgirls said…
@Anonymous Yeah, ME2 is really pretty. Cool design, now I will have to speedy it. ;-)