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How to draw Manga Maka from Soul Eater

How to draw Manga Maka Soul Eater. From step by step drawing and video tutorial. Learn how to draw Manga, Anime, and comics. Drawing and sketching anime technique for manga, cartoon and comics.

Maka, the meister of the scythe Soul Eater and the main female protagonist. She is a young but dedicated student who takes after her mother, another prodigious meister. However, her relationship with her father Spirit (aka Death Scythe) is incredibly strained due to his constant flirtations with women, leading her parents to divorce. As such, Maka is obsessed with turning Soul Eater into a Death Scythe that will surpass her father. She makes a good team with Soul, but is prone to nagging and violent outbursts whenever Soul does something foolish.

Here is a Manga drawing of Maka from Soul Eater
draw Maka soul eater

Below are easy construction pattern for easy drawing following along the Manga drawing video tutorial.

draw Maka soul eater step 1

draw Maka soul eater step 2

draw Maka soul eater step 3

draw Maka soul eater

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