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Action and reaction time, technique over power talent

Action and reaction time, you as a human being have greater potential than you think. I just saw something interesting on Youtube. I am a huge fan, believer and student of martial art. I believe that everything take practice and lots of practice. You could go read my old blog post on 10,000 hours theory for artists, it's cool. I am not a big fan of talent or what I am saying is talent cannot exist without crafting it. So no matter how much potential you have, without constantly practicing you will not improve. No matter if you are musician, boxer, ninja, or artist. Practicing is the key to improvement and improvement will bring you enlightenment.

Anyway, in this video, it shows you that our reaction time is greater than what can be measure scientifically. Mental chronometry is the use of response time in perceptual-motor tasks to infer the content, duration, and temporal sequencing of cognitive operations. Mental chronometry is one of the core paradigms of experimental and cognitive psychology, and has found application in various disciplines including cognitive psychophysiology/cognitive neuroscience and behavioral neuroscience to elucidate mechanisms underlying cognitive processing.

I am pretty sure these two Kendokas practice days and nights for years and years. Interest thing about the show was that former studies suggested that Human
can not react no faster than 0.2 second limted bb the speed of electric pulse running through eye - frontal cortex brain - the body muscle..But, new sport analysis studis found
some athletes could react in less than 0.2 second.
Mr. Tanakanabe had much better reactive ability than Mr. Teramoto's. But,
he could not catch up Teramoto's Men already released before his. So the point is, you could say Mr. Tanakabe is physically superior or slightly a bit more talent. But Mr. Teramoto use his refine skill and experience to power over his opponent. Technique overcomes talent, is it impossible to beat the fastest swordman in Kendo. Yes, it is. Something like that.

Sadly, I cannot embed the video from youtube. But since I already wrote the blog post.
You can go watch it here: Kendo in high speed.
Let me know what you think, it is amazing.

Anyway, more drawing and interesting things are coming up soon.