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How to paint cloth wrinkle digital painting tutorial and tips

How to paint cloth wrinkle digital painting tutorial and tips. This video demo and step by step is going to show you how to paint wrinkle on cloth. I got a lot of question via e-mail or social media pm on how to go about painting wrinkle on cloth or paint cloth in general.
This tutorial will show you how to paint wrinkle on cloth basically from conceptual art perspective. Because most of the time you might not have reference handy, this way is the easy way to paint cloth using just three value or value with hue to demonstrate how to arrange light and shadow on clothing. I will just show you guys on the sleeve part, it is a short tutorial.
**Note: This demo use the value range within the high key painting (from 50% grey to 100%white).  So you guys could go darker or to full range depending on your overall value of your piece.

As for different kind of textiles or clothes, there is not much to it except the change in lighting. Different material has different capacity to reflect light. As long as you know that, you will handle material in painting just fine. For instance silk has different value than cotton within the same lighting situation. It is more reflective and possibly has higher contrast and highlight or more variation of value range than flat looking cotton. Similar to satin, they both are highly reflective. No matter if you are advance painter or a novice, the best way to practice painting different material are to set up a still life using different material of your choice. Set them up right next to each other like metal pot, silk, cotton, apple and bananas. You will then notice that each one react differently to the same lighting. The exercise will help you understand painting a lot more in term of materials related to lighting.

Here is a final wrinkle cloth I painted on her right sleeve.

Below are generic basic video of how to paint wrinkle on clothing.

Here is a painting of a Fox Spirit I am working on. She has no sleeve on this one, so I am going to paint a sleeve onto one of her arm. It is still work in progress, I am trying to finish this piece some time this week.
how to paint wrinkle clothing

Below are step by step painting wrinkle cloth on sleeve.
how to paint wrinkle clothing

Here is the finish demo painting sleeve.
how to paint cloth wrinkle on figure

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