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New portrait sketch using Sketch Club for ipad.

Happy Monday everyone. I've been playing around with Sketch Club app for ipad once again over the weekend. Figure drawing using SketchClub on ipad.  Now the latest update on Sketch Club app is version 1.7 The last time I was painting using it was the earliest version (I think it was 1.2). Not a lot going on back then. But in the newest update it has tons of new features.

Now it has multiple layers along with many fancy modes such as Overlay, Multiply, Screen, Dodge, Burn and more. It is now very similar to Photoshop in many aspect.  As seen on below image.

I am not so good at reviewing app in dept, but I would highly recommend it for people who own ipad. It's only $1.99 on Apple App store. But it worth a lot more than what you would pay for.

Also additional function that update in version 1.7
* Video recording! You can now record speed painting sessions, set them to music, and upload to YouTube all from within Sketch Club!
* Any tool can be used as an eraser with the new tool blend modes!
* You can now choose between JPG, PNG, and PSD for e-mail export. Use PSD to archive sketches and preserve the layers.
* Visible pixels for precise editing when you zoom beyond 1600%
* Improved chain brush
* More save slots

Below are a portrait painting I did using Sketch Club for ipad over the weekend.

There are a few tutorial I did using older version of sketch club app on ipad.  You can go watch Drawing on ipad with Sketch Club and Learn to paint on ipad with Sketch Club.  

Or watch the video tutorial below.

And along with some new sketch on my sketch book.  Just some randomness render and drawing practice.
learn to sketch creative

learn to sketch creative

learn to sketch creative

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