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How to paint fur

Draw and paint Mongol Khan.  This tutorial demonstrate mostly how to paint fur.  I decided to have a Mongol warrior character to demo because their armor and gears has a lot of fur on them.  Other than painting fur, I will also include a bit of leather, cloth and skin in this step by step digital painting Mongol warrior. I eventually get some time to finish this piece from previous post, Yesugei character concept work.

Yesügei the Mongol warrior Khan was chief of the Blue Wolf clan and the father of Temüjin (Genghis Khan). Yesügei's wife was Hoelun (Temujin's mother), a daughter of the Olkhunut forest tribe. Hoelun had been abducted by Yesügei and his brothers from her newly wed husband of the Merkit tribe as she and her husband were traveling back to the Merkit camp.

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Here is a final character concept Yesugei

Below are a short video of painting color demonstration.

Below are step by step tutorial, painting Mongol warrior.
Yesugei character concept work in process

Yesugei character concept work in process

Yesugei character concept work in process
Download bigger image here Yesugei Mongol warrior concept

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