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Compostion sketch white snake lady

I've been painting most of the day but get nothing decent to post. It is one of those days.  I was trying to paint a fan art tribute to Fist of the North Star, Kenchiro, but it didn't turn out right.  And I ran out of patience to finish the bad sketch.  It was not good and could not be fixed.  So I moved on to do a few more sketches, they were not that decent either.  So I start doing a compostion painting with the lady white snake.  It sort of turn out ok.  It has potential.  So here is the only composition sketch I have today, a lady from Chinese white snake folk tale. There are many version of the story but the most memorable to me was the story during Song Dynasty. I will have more description on the next post.

As of now, here is a composition sketch.
Work in progress, will be continued.

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