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Digital illustration step by step

Digital painting tutorial illustration step by step.  This latest illustration painting is basically base on my previous life drawing from a model in live session. *see , gesture figure study from life drawing session.*  It was a 10-15 minutes sketches, then I scan it into my computer and do a quick paint over in Photoshop. Since it has basic lighting and decent pose, the paint over turn out to be better looking than I actually expected. After taking a couple more look at it, I thought since some the master illustrators back in the day use sketch as their base for their finish painting sometimes. And in this one, I already have a decent enough paint over of the female figure with interesting enough lighting. I decide to work over and make it a more refine painted illustration.
During the process, I was looking at some of Frank Frazetta work just to be inspire so I can actually motivate myself to do something cool. I decided that I should paint something to tribute to the most important fantasy master artist. So here is how this painting comes about. But in the beginning, I was just going to paint some sort of ranger warrior in the jungle woman. But then as I progress while taking a break watching wild life documentary on Netflix, I watch some interesting story of Jaguars in the Amazon. I decided that she should mimic or have her costume design be influence by the beast since she's hanging on the high tree branch in the jungle. When I finally almost finish the illustration, I thought to myself. Wait a second, she does look familiar. She looks like Sheena! Ah! I thought I was going to paint something original! But that's cool, whatever it is I am kinda of please with the lighting, simplicity and overall brush work.

Here is a Huntress of the Amazon
Tribute to Frank Frazetta

Below are step by step process of how to paint illustration of Huntress of the jungle.
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digital illustration tutorial

digital illustration how to paint

Here is the final quick digital illustration.
tribute to frank frazetta by xia taptara
Download bigger size image here: Tribute to Frank Frazetta

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Anonymous said…
yeah the technique reminds me alot to frazetta's style
i love it! thanks :)