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Happy 4th of July, save the world one click at the time at

Happy Forth of July! Help the planet by Take a pledge to buy, or ask for, seafood that comes from sustainable sources! and how you travel can have a huge impact on some of our planet’s most special places. Just one click to vote or pledge. Each on of us can save the world one click at the time. ;-)

Over the years, idrawgirls make donation to (WWF) since 2007. Thank you to all of you who support us along the way. And we are trying to be more proactive as we grow older.

Go to and you can pledge by saying YES. ;-)

More detail:
1) Consumer demand for sustainable seafood can act as an extremely powerful incentive for better fisheries management. Take a pledge to buy, or ask for, seafood that comes from sustainable sources!  
I myself love seafood and eat a lot of them.  I love consuming fishes as much as steak, but I would also like have be able to eat them forever.  I also has a high hope for the generation after me is able to get to consume these delicious and healthy nutritional resources given to us from mother earth.

If you want to know why sustainable seafood is so important. You have to watch or read "The End of The Line": How Overfishing Is Changing the World And What We Eat is a book by journalist Charles Clover about overfishing. Clover, an environment editor of the Daily Telegraph (London), describes how modern fishing is destroying ocean ecosystems. He concludes that current worldwide fish consumption is unsustainable. The book provides details about overfishing in many of the world's critical ocean habitats, such as the New England fishing grounds, west African coastlines, the European North Atlantic fishing grounds, and the ocean around Japan. The book concludes with suggestions on how the nations of the world could engage in sustainable ocean fishing.

Here is a film documentary that I think everyone in the world must see!
If you have Netflix, it is also on there.  Just type the title on the search box.

Below is a trailer:

Ted Danson comment on The end of the line.

2) Whether you go to the beaches of the Mediterranean or the pristine landscape of the Arctic, how you travel can have a huge impact on some of our planet’s most special places.

I care about my impact on this planet, not just at home, but while I'm away. This is why I'm pledging, whilst on vacation, to:
  • Respect the local environment and leave it just as I found it
  • Respect local guidelines, recommendations, regulations, and customs.
  • Take vacations nearer to home and avoid travelling by air where possible.
  • Say "No" to Bad Souvenirs including products made from any endangered species, including animal hides and body parts, tortoise-shell, ivory, or coral
  • Support reputable, conservation-minded tour operators and suppliers.
  • Stay in locally owned hotels, support local businesses, and hire local guides and services.
  • If a tour, tourist service, or supplier was environmentally sensitive and informative, or if it could have been better, I will tell the owner or operator.
Go to and you can pledge by saying YES.

Happy 4th of July.

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