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Robot that help you shop at cheaper price.

Robot that help you shop at cheaper price. I love gadget, phones and apps. But sometimes when new awesome gadget arrives the price is often too high for me to get them. I am always wondering if there is anyway to track gadgets when the price goes down. Amazon kind of have that service. But I just found out the fun and new service from Shopobot
While retailers large and small continue to investigate the tricks of the trade for marketing their B2C site, a new tool in the world of ecommerce may hurt or help your online sales. Shopobot, a company formed in January of this year, has made its services available to the public for the first time this June, revealing a new transparent approach to online shopping.

If you tell Shopobot what you’re looking for and when you’re looking to buy it, the site can give you a straightforward recommendation — buy (if the price is at the low end of its likely price range) or don’t buy (if it’s on the high end). If it’s a “don’t buy”, then Shopobot can send you an alert when the price gets good again.

For now, Shopobot is focused on consumer electronics, and it makes money through the referral fees from retailers. Very cool stuff, I thought.