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What happen to Blade and Soul?

I was browsing around games and movie trailer then stumble upon "Blade and Soul." I first saw the trailer way back when Kim Hyung Tae (lead character concept artist for the game and one of my most fav character artists.) came visit ArenaNet studio back in 2008 see here we took a picture with him see here Blade and Soul concept art and Kim Hyung Tae's character design tutorial.

Anyway, I watch this awesome looking trailer and love the character design. But back then I didn't think it was going to be MMO. I thought it was going to be a online fighting game. I think now it is an MMO. Anyone ever play it?

Blade and Soul Official trailer.

Man I love how he design the characters the costumes.  Sweet!  And if you notice the environment and it sort of remind you of Guildwars II a little bit.  I think it is because they use the GW II engine for the game.


Tristan.C.Silva said…
It's a bit of a shame they kept beta testing inside Korea, although there are usualy ways to bypass that, such as how some managed to test the korean beta of Ragnarok Online 2, before it flopped.
It's so nice to see fully animated models of Kim Hyung Tea's characters, hes got a smooth and refined style that transfered really well into 3d I think. Cool post.