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Kindle Fire is perfect for comics and art book

Kindle Fire is perfect for comics and art book.  Finally, something that will be a great fit for comic book, Manga, and art book on digital format.  I have ipad and I love it but it doesn't fit for reading comics.  Somehow it is heavy and not so comfortable to just laid back and read something for hours.  Unlike my kindle, I can spend hours reading without feeling I am holding some heavy hardware device.  After reading many reviews, and as I suspected that sooner or later Amazon will come up with lighter e-reader in color (too bad, it is not e ink), the $199 tablet runs a heavily modified version of Android, hooks neatly into Amazon’s gigantic book collections, and is designed for multimedia consumption (movies, videos) and, more than anything, perfect for reading. And it is by far the lightest of all the tablet at 14.6 hours with 7 inches screen.  Though the Kindle Fire has just 8GB, but most likely you will be connected with Amazon cloud for storage.  That's like unlimited storage as long as you can afford it.

Also Amazon has built out a giant digital media catalog, along with an Android app store to for Kindle Fire, just like regular Kindle, in place before it delivered the key piece of hardware. Even though the Kindle Fire itself isn’t groundbreaking as far as devices go, but it should provide the most convenient platform for accessing Amazon’s many services. And by selling the Kindle Fire for $199, Amazon will reach consumers who want some of the media consumption capabilities of the iPad but weren’t willing to spend $500 or more.  Beyond that like I said, perfect for art book, comics and Manga consumption.  Speaking of comics or graphic novel, I should hurry up and finish mine.  And hopefully, we can see my very first comics or idrawgirls art book in Amazon Kindle store sometimes soon.  

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