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Speed painting tutorials Night Owl, Silk Spectre, Susan Storm

Speed painting tutorials Night Owl, Silk Spectre, Susan Storm.  Here is another re arrangement of the useful tutorials update.  Both Night Owl and Silk Spectre speed painting tutorial are the good older tutorials that a lot of you have already seen.  The Susan Storm tutorial is one of the old unfinished concept that I spend some time repainting it last week.  It is not that polished as finished illustration but it is good enough to be a short demo on painting.  There are a lot more tutorials to come, but I have been busy trying to do too many things.  But mainly I am trying to finish chapter 2 of my own comics, "Kapow Express" so that I can launch it on ipad and Amazon Kindle fire.  It will also available on Mac and PC for those of you who don't own any reader devices.
Below are the tutorials, check them out.

Below are Kapow Express comics panel.  

Enjoy the post.  ;-)