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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Online Comics: "DOGS OF WAR": chapter 1

"DOGS OF WAR": chapter 1 (post no.002)

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skrubbles said...

Hiya Xia! I didn't even know you had a sketch blog, but now I'm subscribed... yeah, I'm watching you oooOOoooOooo!

Just wanted to say I really dig your mountain environment speedpaint and the Quick Sand battalion. Keep up the great work.

idrawgirls said...

Thanks Bro!!! Likewise, it's great to see ya.

Skylark- said...

Cold and wet, they remained stationed on the west side of the Samara Bend hill top, hidden from view by the surrounding trees.

Five hundred battle-scarred fighting men await orders from Captain Huang. Very soon, the morning sun will break; very soon blood will spill on this battle ground.

Skylark- said...

In order to ensure a successful invasion of Volga Bulgaria and the surrounding areas, the Mongol military intelligentsia took great care in gathering good intelligence and studying the strategies of their enemies. To serve this purpose, they relied on an extensive spy network.

Before any battle, including "the Samara Bend", they will have previously sized up the opposing forces and developped a strategy accordingly.

At this particular battle, they hired a group of Russ mercenaries to infiltrate the Bulgarians.

Anonymous said...

Your Mongol sketches do not like Mongols , have not you see any mongols in your life ?

XIA said...

Kid,or id you are older you sound like a kid. 12th century Mongol compose of many races, tribes, etc....and if you read the description along the pic...none of the dudes I describe are Mongol descended.
In fact, I can draw whatever I want to in my way...it's a free world. these are not suppose to be realism.
Anyway, thanks for the comment he or she who are afraid to show the real identity.
It would be nice to show your real identity and DARE to post such comment.
Good day,

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