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How to draw super heroes

How to draw Hero or super heroes, Superman, Batman and Spiderman videos and step by step tutorials.

How to draw Superman video tutorial.

Also step by step images how to draw Superman

1) I usually start off a figure with a spine line or a shoulder line.

2) Then I will go to the hip section, thighs, to figure out how they will be standing (is the more weight on the right or on the left) It also help me figure out the arm length.

3) The arm come out, I am making this as simple as possible so I will go neutral. Yeah, I know,...fancy pose come later you.

4) As for male head, I usually go for a square/ angular. I usually draw the line for the Z axis of the skull on top of the skull so that you know where he will be facing. Tons and tons of gesture drawing will force you to figure out your way of draw the quickest and most efficient.

5) Then I constructed the facial using just simple line (remember, it's just a thumbnail, don't get caught up in detail early on, GET everything right, in place and good proportion, then you can play with it.)

6) Now I am trying to find out where the chest, collar bone and all the big shapes of the anatomy are.

7) After I figure out a rough figure then I dress him up.

8) Adding hair style, make him a little unique, and assigning value for the composition purpose.

9) There it is, a quick thumb. Then I can go on and do a bunch of them and pick out a good one out of five and possibly finish it.

How to draw Batman video tutorial

Also step by step images how to draw Batman

And one last superhero tutorial.
How to draw Spiderman video tutorial.

Also step by step images how to draw Spiderman



This is not a pretty one.
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