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1st "MEI and PUPIE"

Hello guys, I am back with the Comic Strips "Mei and Pupie". It's something new, for me, to do three or four panels comics. It's quite a challenge since I am not really good at being funny, my personal humor is usually dry and sarcastic, in other words, smart a$$. So yeah, if you have any comments or idea...what would be funny, shoot it my way.

Though this short comics is pretty new to me, I've been doing comics since I was a little kid. I grew up in the Far East so I read tons of Mangas. I am better at making a long epic storyline (I love history and stuff), except I've never really finished one. Now I am thinking I should learn how to pull off a good content short story so that I can get a few of them published or something. I am thinking perhaps this short strips will take me there. From a three to four panels, then a short three or four pages story, then eventually 15- 25 would be good for me.

About the characters "Mei" and "Pupie: The Angry Panda", they were my creation a few years ago. They were supposed to be in the Epic story in Shanghai China setting in 1930. I still have the script, it is somewhat my version of "Journey to the West" except with Mei, Panda, and some friends. Anyway, I used to post those two characters in various forums. And sadly but true, they were more popular than my art itself. There is something about them, who knows what. Lots of people have been asking me to do the panda and the girl constantly so I think now it's time. But instead of making long episodic version right away, I can present them with just comics strip to convey their true personality, in addition to that, it quick to do for me since I have tons of work to do for GuildWars II at ArenaNet. Keep up the Blog and do more personal stuff is also my goal, but I can't really pull off something BIG and time consuming yet. Perhaps someday, I might get to do it if I get lots of time, motivation and your support.

More paintings, comics and tutorials coming up soon.
Like my friend Scott always say, "So long!"


Luca said…
brother, can't believe I came across this! :D so here is the first online Mei!
I can see what a jump of improvment in your drawing skill! Awesome.... hope you won't forget this character! it's cool to have a panda around :)

Great work you have here in your old days of drawing!