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Soul reaper monster tutorial concept art

Soul reaper monster tutorial concept art.  A quick color concept design of a soul reaper and fresh eater.  The monster eat and consume human flesh and reap their souls.

I has this idea a couple days ago..but just sketch it out last night. This evil monster from Hell is feeding on living girls' soul.

I am playing around with how I want to paint...I love realism painterly like image but I also love comics and Manga. There are some particular element I am looking forward to achieve, I think this speedpainting I somehow found, just a little progress of how I want my work to look like.
I am getting there.
Also I made a on How to draw face below this post, it's very simple and quick. If you have any particular question or comment, feel free to leave in on the blog. They are all welcome.

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  • I will have to find sometimes soon to do a quick painting video demo tutorial. I find that doing a quick two to five minutes sketch tutorial would be easier at the moment. A digital painting demo would take hours so I am going to need to find the right tool for it. At the moment, I am just using a free software to screen record my sketching process, nothing fancy. It's a pain to use sometimes because it's conflict with my Photoshop Hotkeys, and I can customize it (because it's free). Anyway...hopefully, I should find some more efficient program to record my digital painting demo soon. Until then...
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    Ben Mauro said…
    a Xia blog! no way.
    Goro said…
    yey XIA! So nice to hear from you! Missed your stuff on Sijun! So I'm really glad to see your blog!
    Alina Chau said…
    Love the sketchy loose painting style!
    XIA said…
    Thank boys and girls!
    Ulysses said…
    I think this video is down, all the others work fine for me. And your site is great - exactly what I needed. Thanks man.