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Concept Art, Speedpainting: Sorcerrer and Knight Concept painting.

Sorcerrer and Knight Concept painting.

This concept art or concept drawing (should I say painting) just came out of nowhere in my head, I might have a tutorial coming up soon, but I still can find where I put the step by step.

March 2011, I came back and take a look at my old quick digital painting character concept work this post, hopefully I will have time to remake this design in 2011 and repost it.  ;-)

The one above was done in 2007 and it is very outdated.  I will redo the sorceress again.
But here is a 2011 version of a Dark Mage.  It is more up to date and well... better execution.

To see step by step process tutorial go to: Digital painting tutorial character


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Starfeeder said…
Nice artwork!! Do you do freelance?
idrawgirls said…
Yes, but not at the moment. I only do freelance for Game Company, Magazine, and movie studio. E-mail me @ for detail.
Anonymous said…
god how the hell can i draw like that, >.> is there a way you can teach me lol(ps i suck at drawing i cant do bodys at all but i got tons of ideas), i'll re-post after i get a google login XD
Thanks, a way to draw...there are many Video on the blog. You can check any of them out. They might help. :)
Anonymous said…
I have this idea for a game(i cant draw to save my life) but if i told you about my idea i have think you could help me out with a rough draft of a main char.??
I can't. I am working for NCsoft & ArenaNet. It will be a conflict of interested. :)
Anonymous said…
I just have to say, you are absolutely astonishing! I love your detail, i love your work!! I've been studying your videos the last few days, and i'm going to rewatch them now. Absolutely wonderful. I'm an artist myself and am currently attempting to broaden my horizons and begin doing what your doing in other words haha! I would love to do things like that! I sketch awesome with paper (i suck with colors) when I get PS-CS2 i'll send you a drawing :) after all you've inspired me thanks!
escaperoute2 said…
Simply increadible. I can see how much effort you put in to the second drawing. Nice ;)
Starfeeder said…
Dude you should move to Wordpress and get your own domainname!

Your blogs are one of my fav
XIA said…
escape>> Thanks man!
Starfeeder>> thanks brother, I do have a domain name and space...but if I move...I will loose the rank and traffic. I will figure it out somehow...sometimes.
chris said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris said…
you draw with your mouse or you use somekinda special drawing tol on the pc?
XIA said…
chris: check the menu on your right hand side or click on any of the thumbnails. Your question will be answered. There are also videos that show the process.

Thank you for your comment.
D4rky B said…
I really love your website. I draw for fun and love all the hints and ideas that you have posted up and thank you very much for them. How did you get people to start looking onto your site?
XIA said…
d4rky> Thanks man! Tips...I don't something you love and worth looking and talk about. Be persistant, passionate, professional and BE GREAT at what you DO. Then people will start linking you and spread the words.
READ: SETH GODIN book, he's awesome! He talk a lot about the web and what you might want to look for.
Anonymous said…
wonderful stuff man.
Please check out mine...
Im trying to get into the biz, let me know what you think:)

Anonymous said…
is there any other ways of getting into the gaming industry??? i know that u have to use photoshop along with a slew of other programs, but i just cant afford them, how would i get over this handicapped????
XIA said…
Ano> goto download a free paint program. It's as good as PS IMO. Also get a Genius MousePen tablet, they are only $40 on amazon. There is never a handicap. Handicap always will make you a better person, because if there is a "WILL" there will always be the "WAY" just the matter of figuring out "HOW"