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Speedpainting concept: Dragon and a Girl.

Another quickie for today:
This one I struggled quite a bit because I had the dragon design on the thumbnail comp, but I could not find the way to put the girl in there without changing composition. I wrestled with it for a few hours changing lot of poses and placement for the girl. Mainly because the figure would change the focal point and if I give the figure more form and contrast, then it doesn't seem fair to the Dragon. Anyway, you get the idea. Finally, I figured, if I just make her less contrast, loose and blend in with the background a bit, this might work out. Then the composition would not change so much and the focal point will still be the dragon. So it did the trick.

I am still looking for a particular look for my personal work which I have not done much of it in the past few years. I am hoping to be able to finish some real illustration before the end of the year. As you notice most of my work are somewhat loose and I didn't take it to the point of refinement. That's usually how I work, but once in a while if there are some quick painting that I really really think it could be taken further and it will look great. I usually go for it. Time is a big issue, good illustration takes time. And I love doing quick painting, you sit for a few hours or less get it out of your system then walk away. Every time you get to do something new, it really refreshing rather than spend days, weeks, months on one illustration. But a finished illustration will give you a different perspective, discipline and sense of perfection. All the element of being a good artist and elevate the skills level the more you do.

Work take pretty much most of my time, and Guild Wars II will even take more of my time because we have a lot of exciting thing to look forward to. Especially for me as an artist, the better technology for online gaming, the better and the more we can do crazy things. Anyway, you all have a great weekend.

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