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How to draw a girl figure: Quick Video painting tutorial

Hello again ladies and gents,

This is basically a video tutorial of How to draw or paint a girl figure in action shot. But then I mix and match a little conceptual idea here and there to spice it up.

This one I just start out for fun, just another excuse to draw girl. I had some kind of action shot in mind but with out foreshortening. Because I just want to practice painting skin, anatomy and style. This one took me a bit longer than I thought (a few hours, it's getting harder to find more time to do more art since my girlfriend's already back from a vacation. But I will fight for it, this is what I do!). Anyhow, in the first version, she is totally naked for no good reason, except my own. So I thought I should dress her up a little bit more like PG13. I am still afraid to go too overboard since I am blogging and I never know if there will be any young audience.

In my opinion, which I have none so I don't know. I don't really judge, I am just trying to art in Photo Shop.

Here it goes, another squibbee! (PG 13)

"Click Here for rated R Version"

Here is also a YouTube feed of how it is done, just for the hell of it (Why not?) (I might write a step by step tutorial for this one later, who knows) It shows you in quick scope of how to paint a girl's figure.

Well, enjoy the great rest of the day,