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Happy Labor day, Mei and Pupie is back, I am planing to possibly to it just on the weekly basis so that I can draw other things. I am still experiment with its look. This time I am actually sketching it out so that I could get a finer quality of line using real pencil. Then I scanned it in and do the light wash painted over in Photoshop. I want it to look somewhat fresh and have the feel of watercolor/ wash out aclylic. I actually like it more this time around, it looks different than usual comic strips and it looks more like mine. And if I would go for the full length comics then I could actually use the same style and keep going. I love drawing with pencil! Though it is not really funny like I said, but I try.

Well, I've been thinking about posting some kind of recommended tool and material on the traditional medium and stuff like pencil, eraser, watercolor, maybe. Also I will make a tutorial on how to make a PS custom brush to get a really good texture on your painting so that it doesn't look so digitize. Anyway, I might be back again today,...or not.

Have a great day!


Baron said…
LOL Dude I love these Panda sketches they are hilarious!!
XIA said…
Thanks man! Hopefully I will have more idea to make more story of him.