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Girl Spinning: which way do you see?

This image has tripped everyone out at my work. Why? You have to stare at it for a while.
Most people will see it spins counterclockwise because they are trying to rationalize it or they are usually in the logical daily routine mode. You can also see it spin clockwise when you are relaxing and let you right brain do the work.

I first saw it clockwise then for a while I stare then I see it counterclockwise when I was trying to analyze what I see. Try it, it's cool!

"The left brain is considered analytic in approach while the right is described as holistic or global. A successive processor (left brain) prefers to learn in a step-by-step sequential format, beginning with details leading to a conceptual understanding of a skill. A simultaneous processor ( right brain) prefers to learn beginning with the general concept and then going on to specifics."

LEFT: (Anylytic)
  • Verbal
  • Response toward meaning
  • Sequential
  • Process information linearly
  • Response to logic
  • Plans Ahead
  • Recalls peoples name.
  • Speak with no or less gesture
  • Punctual
RIGHT: (Instinctive)
  • Visual
  • Responds to tone of voice
  • Random
  • Process information in varied order
  • Responds to emotion
  • Impulsive
  • Recalls people's faces
  • Gesture when speaking
  • Less Punctual


Anonymous said…
I can't see it spinning counterclockwise even if try really hard!!
XIA said…
Anonymous> You don't try, you just do then your brain will dictate it self. If you get that meaning you brain are leaning toward one way more than the other. :)
Luca said…
Hi Xia, this is really cool...I saw it spinning clockwise though! Ir's also cool to know those things about the left and the right part of the brain!