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Shanghai Express: aka "Mei and Pupie"

Happy Monday!
I didn't really do much art on the weekend, except this quick page of comics. Whenever I start doing comics, I tend to go fast as my brain would go on writing something. It is hard to not rushing because I am afraid that my brain would run out of idea. If you see the preliminary sketches for these, I sure you would be like, "How the hell did he make any sense out of these image?" Anyway, I think that's how they do Manga in the Far East. They don't actually have the finished script for any comics or most of them (with the exception of some.) They would run it like a Pilot comic in a Pulp comics magazine and if it got pick up by the readers. Then it would keep running for years. And most of them publish on a weekly basis. So you have to come up with new materials every single week, at least three pages I think.

When I was a kid, I always go to the bookstore or newsstands every week to get a few of my favorite pulp comics magazine. I think they are more involve in variety of storylines (like over here back in the 1940's I heard; Pulp comics age: until the fear of Commies kills all the good stuff.) and Weekly basis is more spontaneous than waiting for month or two three months. Anyway, here is some fun stuff!!!

Have a great day boys and girls
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