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Things that inspired me: Alphonse Mucha and Mazinger.

Hello guys,

As an artist or concept artist sometime we are often look for things to inspire us and look up to someone in the past or present for guidance or as an example. I personally have many heroes who inspire me and make me want to be a better artist. This week I would like to present one of my most favorite artist whom I enjoy looking, studying and wonder how did he achieve such triumph in his work.

Artist of the Week:
Alphonse Mucha

He is the grandaddy of Art Neuveau and one of the most extra ordinary artists in the world.
As far as I am concern, nobody can draw a lady as beautiful and as delicate as he can.

His Work:

More on his bio and info on Wikipedia: Here

Sometime when I am running out of idea, I often look into the past something that used to inspire me as a child. Here is also the other inspiration source I often look into:
It's great!!! "Great Mazinger" I believe it was made in the late 1960's but I watch its rerun so many times in the 80's

have a great weekend guys!