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How to draw anime manga girl with guns part I of II

How to draw anime manga spunky girl character, figure torso body with guns part I of II. How to start from line draw anime manga girl, body with guns part I of II. This Video tutorial will guide you thru how I draw girl's head, face, stylize hair and body (torso). It's quick but no audio yet, I am still poor. More free tutorials online, I love internet and Youtube.

This is a really quick and easy How to draw or create character in photoshop instructions:

Since I did so many step by step, I thought I would balance it out.
A quick video drawing sketching tutorial. I thought I would try to record what I draw or sketch or paint everyday for half hour or an hour. It is kind of a pain, but I hope I will get use to it.

Here is the newest re-work, re-paint version of Manga girl with guns (done in 2010)

draw and color anime girl with guns
Click here for the step by step tutorial: Draw and color Manga Girl step by step

Here is the final sketch: 2007 (Older version)
how to draw, painting, manga, anime, tutorial, girl.

Here is the final version of this Anime girl with Pistols 

Tutorial PART I of II NOW with Audio Instruction!!!

Part II of II

Archetypes Design Manga Characters Tutorial Download
Character Design Tutorial Download
Character Design Tutorial Download

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NOTE: Online comics: Dogs of war will be back in a week or so. I felt like I have to draw girls....then I can draw more comics.

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Zelloss said…
Impressive tutorial you have here!
I wonder,could you enter a bit more in detail on the inking of the sketch? Mine always end with hairy lines :P
idrawgirls said…
I am not good with ink myself, but I am good at lines economy.
Yeah, I know making a solid lines are hard. I believe you will have to focus on making a long accurate continuous straight and curve lines, instead of scratching jittery line on paper or wacom. I use to do that a lot. It won't be easy at first but you will get use to it. Practices make perfect :)
Anonymous said…
Hi! I am a regular visitor in your blog as I have found it very informative. I am a newbie in digital drawing and would like to know what software do you prefer newbies to use... Photoshop or manga studio? I would like to start my own web-comic and learning how to draw manga.. Thanks!

Anonymous said…
Oh... No reply yet? I guess you are very busy lately. Happy new year!

idrawgirls said…
Joey> Sorry, this post is about two years old, and it got lost somewhere. :) Anyway, try out Gimp, if you come and read this blog daily or once every couple of days, you would probably find more informative info. GIMP is free, but it is the best open source software for painting. The best out of the free ones, I like it better than Manga Studio.

Cheers! Sorry about the delay.
Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot Xia! I've started practicing in Adobe Photoshop CS2. I'll check out GIMP. Thanks again for the tip! :D

idrawgirls said…
Ano> you are very welcome, anytime. Check out more video tutorials if you can. Lots of people learn a lot from them. Peace! :)
Anonymous said…
This site is awesome!!! I actually gave up on my drawings until I wound up on this site. I really like the drawings here-- especially the dark elf.
idrawgirls said…
Anonymous: Thanks man! Did you see the final version of this one?