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Landscape Oil painting and A Portrait Oil Painting

Here is an oil portrait I did a while back. It was done from life and took me about six hours.
It was one of the better one I have done and I thought I have not post a girl illustration in a while. So here it is.

Here is another oil painting. My friend and I went to Gas Work park and paint for a few hours.
I hardly ever go out and paint landscape because it's a lot of set up and preparation. But it was fun, we have to deal a lot with how the direction of the light would change through time. We have to get it done in one session. Whenever you paint outside, you have to calculate how much time you are going to spend because the light will change its direction. Or if you want a detail painting you might have to come back another day at the exact same time to get the correct lighting for your painting. It is a pain now that I think about it, but at the time I was painting it was a joy for the moment.