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How to draw step by step: Samurai Girl manga or anime Video tutorial Part II

How to draw rendering and paint over step by step: Samurai woman manga or anime cartoon style Video tutorial Part 2.
Rendering and paint over character design figure and costume: Learn drawing from Video tutorial start from line draw to rendering using digital medium Photoshop. Here is another attempt to create a how to draw anime samurai girl tutorial instruction Part 2 of 5 (hopefully)

*The focus on this one is on correcting the drawing and establish value and color for the illustration.

This a process of how I usually sketch free form, anything goes. How I usually work is a bit different, I usually create thumbnails first and lots of them. This time I just want to change it up a bit, breaking out of my comfort zone. I usually do sketch for practicing purpose, but not planing all the way to finish. Now I realize, with out planing composition and thumbnails before hands, I ended up struggle...but I still have to pull thru and finish this series of tutorial.

Image (WIP- work in progress)

Well here all from the beginning how to draw, sketch and paint Rogue Samurai:
Step by Step
how to draw woman comics style
Then Painting:
how to draw woman comics style
Close up on the detail area: Still not be continued.
how to draw woman comics style

Final Image: "Rogue Sword"
how to draw woman comics style

Video sketch tutorial:

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Have fun! Again feedback and comments are always welcome!


bog_art said…
Thanks a lot for publishing your tutorials in the internet!!.. this one is superb!!..
idrawgirls said…
You are very welcome, I am still not used to it. Hopefully I will be able to get better ones and more cool stuff. Thanks for your support, bro!
Nosbros said…
thanks loads for your tutorials they have really helped me my progress and made me more efficiant

thanks a lot and keep the good work up

peace out:)