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Learn to draw cartoon cute bunny rabbit: Step by Step how to video tutorial lesson

Cartoon comics: Learn how to draw cute bunny rabbit: Step by Step video tutorial lesson. Drawing and painting bunny rabbit cartoon: Step by Step from basic sketching to coloring online lesson for comics cartoon illustration, manga, anime.

This tutorial are for the very basic or general public and kids. It's very simple and easy how to draw a bunny. I thought I would do something good for the world and kids.

Watch the Video Drawing tutorial:

Drawing Software & Tool I used:
-E Frontier Manga Studio Debut 3.0 (Single User)
-Genius MousePen 8X6 Graphic Tablet for Home and Office
*It could also be done with pencil, paper, gauche and brushes.

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Anonymous said…
My friend and I have really enjoyed your cartoon animals. We drew along with your videos. Fun
idrawgirls said…
Ano> Thank you, glad you can enjoy the video. Come back soon and enjoy the other ones. :)
Kriss said…
First of all you have a lot of insane tutorials on this website and with insane i mean it in a good way. But i also have a few qustions.
First are you self tought or did you go to any art school and how long did it take for you to get used to painitng with a tablet.
drawjord said…
hi im jordan and i have just orderd the new bamboo pen tablet would i beable to do these kind of drawings on the tablet
idrawgirls said…
drawjord> You will, keep practicing and try to simplify lines and color...then you will capture the essense of the character. :)
drawjord said…
I have received my tablet and it is great!! but do you know any free drawing downloads accept from GIMP :)
Anonymous said…
xD kwl tutorial. like it. love lady sov in the background xD
Anonymous said…