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Thursday, October 11, 2007

How to draw & How to paint: Beginner Tutorials Directory.

*These are the current Basic tutorials we currently have. More will be adding periodically.

Figure for Beginner Tutorials:

Face Study Tutorials
-Drawing Face: Girl: Tutorial #1a 3/4 Front View (Step by Step) with pencil shading BASIC-int
-Drawing Face: Girl: Tutorial #1b (Step by Step) with graphite shading: BASIC- Intermediate
-Drawing Face: Girl: Tutorial #2 (Step by Step) line drawing: BASIC
-Drawing Face: Girl: Tutorial #3 (Quick Sketch Study Video)
-Drawing Face: Girls Profile (sideview) Tutorial (Video)

-Drawing Lips: Girl: Tutorial#1 (Step by Step)
-Drawing Eye: Video Tutorial

Drawing BASIC Realistic FACE Videos:
Front View: Female

3/4: Female

Head and Lighting direction:

How to draw a Body: Figure Study Tutorials
-Drawing Body Front view tutorial
-Drawing Body Front view video tutorial
-Drawing Body Sideview video tutorial
-Drawing Body or Figure: Girl: Torso Tutorial #1 (Step by Step) line drawing and rendering
-Drawing Body Torso with arm front view Video tutorial#1
-Drawing Body Torso with arm Video 3/4 view tutorial#2
-Drawing Body or Figure: Girl: Hip, pelvis or butts Tutorial (Step by Step).
-Drawing Body or Figure: Girl: Tutorial #2 (Quick Sketch Study Video)
-Drawing and sketching constructing woman body & figure: action shot for comics and manga
-Drawing and sketching woman body & figure: Basic form and gesture #1
-Drawing and sketching woman body & figure: Basic form and gesture #2

Gesture Drawing: Female Figures

Basic Body Drawing: Full


Fun Basic Stuff:
-How to draw Cute Rabbit Cartoon.
-How to draw Funny Chicken Cartoon

PAINTING Face & Body; Feature & Figure Study Tutorials
-Painting Face: Girl: Tutorial #1 (Video Study)**
-Painting Face: Girl: Tutorial #2 (Step by Step)**

Portrait Painting Video of Natalie Portman Video (Fast) by me
- 3 Video Tutorials with narration of painting face of Natalie Portman here

-Painting Portrait
by Scott Burdick (Step by Step)
- "Susan" Demo**
-"Maria" Demo**
-"Tibet Girl"**

-Painting Eyes: Girl: Tutorial by Linda Bergkvist (Step by Step)**

Extra tutorials
-Drawing Witchblade by Micheal Turner: Video Tutorial
-Drawing Comic Character "Jenny Spark" (Century Babe) by Jim Lee

Additional Video Tutorials:

-Drawing and Painting Figure: Girl: Tutorial by Mattias Snygg
-Drawing and Painting Concept Cyborg "Griffu) by Baron Tieri
-Painting Body or Figure: Girl: Tutorial#1 (CyberPunk Girl with Gun Concept Video)
-Painting Body or Figure: Girl: Tutorial #2 (Girl Riding a Dragon Concept Video Rough)

Intermediate to Advance Tutorials

Step by step Girl concept Step by Step Tutorial
by Daryl Mandryk
-Warrior Chick
-Sleep Walker

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