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Rendering metal object for mecha robot design drawing: Video tutorial online

Learn how to render metal object using Photoshop for drawing of mecha robot design for Anime Manga and comics: video step-by-step tutorial with instruction online. A very quick basic step by step how to paint or render metal object using the existing drawing from a previous tutorial to work on. First, I start blocking in the shape, then assign value, and color.

This tutorial is just a quick demo on how to render a metal object by sketching practice using various tools in Photoshop. It is not meant to be finished painting or illustration. The more you do the better you will get.

My advice is just draw and paint a lot then throw it away then start it over....don't spend so much time with just one or two painting. Take it to where you think this is a good enough practice like speedpainting, then start another one. Though once in a while with planing and preparation (thumbs, comp, etc.) you should finish a good painting or illustration and take it as far as you can. If you get stuck and don't know how to take it further, do research and find inspiration. Or even copy the master painting (I don't do it enough, but good painter and concept artist I know do). It makes them better artist along the way.

Anyway, this rendering is more like under-painting or foundation.

Here is the rendering sketch:
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If you want to know where the drawing comes from:
here is the link to the previous tutorial:
-Drawing Mecha robot design #2

Here is a video process: Rendering metal

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Feel free to comment and if you have any question about how to draw and such do not hesitate to post, I will try my best to answer any question about art as much as possible.

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