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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Comics, Manga: Learn to draw Monkey King Creature Illustration Step by Step how to video tutorial

Drawing Creature: Monkey King Step 1 of 5. Comics, Manga: Learn to draw cartoon Monkey Illustration Step by Step how to video tutorial lesson part 1.
Learn how to design from sketching, drawing to finish painted color illustration a character and creature fantasy concept art, manga or anime, and illustration creation.

Here is the finish image of Monkey King: follow video part 1 to part 5 video lesson will show you how I achieve this image.
how to draw, painting, comics,anime, manga, monkey, woman,king, hanuman, tutorial, girl.

This tutorial is an on going drawing series of how I usually making an illustration from start to finish. From receiving the topic, then I start brain storming some ideas down into thumbnails, rough sketch, refine drawing and so on.
The focus on this one is

-Rough ideas to thumbnails.
-Rough sketching
-Composition of your image
-Some fine tuning transition of sketching into drawing.

Part 1: Final Sketch:
how to draw, painting, comics,anime, manga, monkey, woman,king, hanuman, tutorial, girl.

Part 1 of 5 Video tutorial:

Continue on to Part 2-7
-Drawing Monkey King character Part 1 (drawing and sketching ideas)
-Drawing Monkey King character Part 2 (Establishing light and shadow or value)
-Drawing Monkey King character Part 3 (Assign Color and composition)
-Drawing Monkey King character Part 4 (Rendering Face)

Drawing Software & Tools I used:
-Adobe Photoshop CS2
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet

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