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Painting waterfall landscape tutorial

how to paint waterfall landscape tutorial.  How to draw and paint landscape waterfall environmental concept scene digital painting video demo. This step by step video show you from lay down the base color,
blocking in shape for painting to create under-painting then assigning value and color composition, and refining detail for the final concept painting.

1) lay down the base color
2) blocking in shape for painting
3) assigning value and color composition
4) Establishing focal elements.
5) Finishing and refining for the final concept painting.

Final image (Click to enlarge)

Here is a video process "painting waterfall"

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Anonymous said…
This was quite impressive and helpful for me. I always get hung up on the details when I do a landscape. If you would consider it, I'd love to see how you do a plains or a peice featuring a field of some kind.
idrawgirls said…
Thanks :) I will see what I can do...:) coming soon.
Anonymous said…
man .. you r a born genius .. an inspiration to every 1 .. who juz see your work ....

i was looking for tutorials and to learn sketching and drawing .. i saw ur vdeo on and had to visit ur blog... I saw all of ur character tutorials .. and cant wait to c more .. DUDE u rock ... where can i find ur name and stuff .. atleast i shud know who is my mentor ..
Oh and yes .. do a tutorial for TOMB raider lara croft (angelina jolie) .. that wud be awesome ..
k man take care .. keep it up ..
idrawgirls said…
ano>> Thanks, I wish I were a genius. Thank for coming and visit. Lara Croft...maybe...possibly. Angelina Jolie is done many times all over youtube, but I will consider it. Don't get your hope up though...Well, howabout something new and current character you suggest (from video games, comics, novels "Death Note" and such), but I pick the girl?
Anonymous said…
Lol .. yea ur rite .. but it wud have been awesome if U made it .. as in .. UR creativity and skill is too great . ne ways .. i play this game .. warcraft 3 the frozen throne (dota) .. how bout making THE PRIESTess Of the moon .,. WOW .. that wud be great .. btw keep it up .. ADMIRE LUV ur work .. Thumbs up man!
idrawgirls said…
Thanks brother. The Priestess of the moon? sure, just wait for it though, the list are pretty long. Keep coming back and you will see her soon enough, I hope.
Anonymous said…
this is so good man... can i ask what brushes did you use?
idrawgirls said…
Thank you, I use mostly default in combination with some custom I made.
Look on the right side menu, there should be a tutorial on how to make them.
kevline said…
Thank you for tutorial on env.I like this field.If you know a blog like this one or conceptships but only for env. design or landscapes please say me.
And your blog it's a treasure (mainly for character.), a free treasure ^^
idrawgirls said…
kevline> thanks brother! :) I will try to do more env. As for the blog like this on Env...I am afraid I have bad news for you. I might be the first or the only one who consistently does this every day/week.
Donno, try youtube or any art forum...good luck and see you around.
Aya said…
Oh wow.... it's really interesting to see how this has come along from just a rough sketch to a completely realistic waterfall..
I quite jealous.. but then again, I never want to do realistic art (not saying I'm not capable, but...maybe if I practiced I might get good at it)
I'm quite envious of Photoshop users of their range of brushes.. it's quite difficult to get an equivelent effect in sai... but then again.. we have a watercolor and a [BLEEP]ing PROPER blur brush, so HA!!!
...... really fantastic work, I must say.. I'm currently needing to draw waterfalls, soooooo......
Kyu said…
this just looks sooooo~ amazing *____* you inspired me to try such environmental concepts, too hihi. From each game I really like the concepts are always the best of everything xDD

And I've a question, maybe someone else already asked it somewhere... but well, which layer and/or brush modes do you use for such environmental drawings?
idrawgirls said…
Aya> sorry for the late reply, I just saw your post just now. Thanks for the kind comments. Cheers!

Kyu> Thank you, I guess my mission is accomplished. :) As for your question... on the right column of the blog you will see Q/A in the scroll bar MENU look there, and below the scroll bar MENU there are also more info in various topics.
Good luck and read on! :)