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How to be a Video Game Arist: job and career choice advice from Doug Williams.

How to be a Video Game Arist: job and career choice advice from Doug Williams. How to get into Video Game Company: Getting your foot in the door for aspiring young Artist.

Some great advice from one of the best artists in the industry Doug Williams.
An exclusive interview with Doug Williams, lead concept artist for Guild Wars series ArenaNet.

Here are some of his work:

Cloverfield Monster?!!!

Another response Video to many e-mails asking for art advice, career advice, tips, and all around video game industry questions. How to start? What's it like?

Here is an interview with Doug Williams:

Visit him:



Levi said…
I Love you're tutorials and stuff, i love drawing and my best friend does too..... when i see him draw he's much more made of concept art and such straight from his mind to paper, i love to draw but i feel that i am limited to drawing something only i can see. I have a great deal of trouble trying to get my own concepts onto paper and making them look good. When my friend draws he is very good with body structures and i'd love to be able to do something like that also. I've watched your tutorials on body and structure. Is there more tips or ways i can gain confidence into putting more time into drawing. I'd like to become very good with drawing in concepts as i hope to pursure somethingto do with video game animation or something along those lines.

Hope you can help me here, Thanks alot

XIA said…
Levi> It's good that you have drawing buddy to keep up with you. Well as for being able to concept, most of the time you have to be inspired. For instance, you can look at tons of paintings, concept works, movies, women, building, whatever inspire you. It not so much different from drawing from life or ref. You just have to practice capture tons of images in your head and make a library out of it.
Only practice will make you good, but don't forget to use your head and your heart.

Make a good portfolio before you graduate then go to Art Center college of art in CA. Google them. Good luck!

Levi said…
I Also have another question. I am curious to as why some people are much better than others with concepts and such, like i am great at drawing something that i can see like an image i take myself or an image from the internet. But my friend is capable of just drawing straight from his head to paper. I'm wondering why i struggle here. Is it just experience ,genes, or what?

Also does practicing and the speed of development and growth of skill vary from what type of person you are?

Thanks Again

XIA said…
Levi> Did you not read what I just reply. I just answer all your question. Try drawing/painting 4 hours a day at least, you will get better. STOP complaining and asking WHY, just do it!
Levi said…
I'm Workin' I'm Workin' haha

XIA said…
Levi> Hard work always PAY OFF, you also have to be smart and analytical too. Good luck. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi I just wunder if you have any more pencil drawing tutorials. Becuse I dont have the tools to work on computer.
idrawgirls said…
Anonymous> Look around please. over 700 posts for the past 4 years, I am sure you will find something useful. Right column of the blog there are topics and pick them. Thanks.