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How to draw Viking warrior woman

How to draw Viking warrior woman: sketch and illustration for manga, comics, anime free web step by step and video tutorial. Learn from Step by step and video tutorial. Drawing and sketching step by step: female character design for manga, video game, and comics basic. The process shows from basic sketching to finish drawing quick concept for comics cartoon illustration, manga, anime. The video demonstrates and narrates how to quickly create an efficient concept design from concept idea into visual. How to put rough idea onto the paper sketch and create fantasy or sci-fi character concept art online lesson for comics cartoon illustration, manga, and anime.

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Enjoy Scribbling!

Here are step by step still images Female Viking Warrior:



Here is the final sketch: Female Viking Warrior.
Watch the HOW TO video process: Drawing Female Viking Warrior

Drawing Software & Tools I used and recommended:
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet or Genius MousePen 6x8
-Gimp or Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Professional software)
*You can just use pencil, paper, markers on this one...just practice rendering.

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Thanks for all overwhelming support and e-mails guys!!! Due to the high volume of e-mails and questions, I apologized that I cannot usually reply to you within a day or two. I will try my best to answer them all personally and get all the questions answer either by Videos or Post.** If you have any basic questions or specific please looked up Q/A section (under the blog menu on the right side). Most of the time your questions has already been answered in Q/A.
Great Day, Peace!!!


Anonymous said…
Very good! keep up the great work. I'm kind of addicted to your blog, I visit it everyday, I've learned many good stuff around here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Excellent, as always.
I'm improving day by day thanks to your daily tutorials and the featured ones.

I've one simple question for you.
Watching your tutorials I see you use a lot of keyboard shortcuts. I use them too because they speed up a lot the process but there is one thing that I'm not able to find how to do.

How do you change the size of the brush dynamically?
I always have to open the dropdown and move the slider or put a size in pixels but you change a lot faster and this allows more accuracy as you always have the size you want.

Thans Xia for sharing your talent.
idrawgirls said…
alexio>> Thanks you for your kind words. I do what I can. ;)

Richard>> Thanks for your encouragement and support. :) I am glad you are improving. Art is a never ending road...and there are also variety of path you can pursue. Careful observation (keen eyes), dedication and always challenge yourself will get you thru stages. I believe there is no ceiling in what one can achieve.
-As for brush size, [ is decrease and ] is increase. And if you press multiple time, it will keep going. Good luck! Thanks again for visiting.
Anonymous said…
OMG such a great artist , luv the way u draw amasing but u have such a high level in drawing , compared to, u my drawing seem so bad !!happy to disover this blog i'll practice more w/ this ...
idrawgirls said…
Keira> thank you so much for your kind words, dear. ^ ^
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Hi mate,

Stumbled upon your website and I think your work is great. Very stylized with detail in each drawing in the face and then you kind of blur out with an artistic paint look. Making it look like oil paintings.

Do you work with reference photos sometimes or are all of these just out of your head. I do 3D work and am working on my pencil drawings at the moment and still have to work from references sometimes for some features like hands.

Anyway great work... you work with such speed and correctness. I like the way you build up your drawings and I dont notice to often you making corrections. You clearly have a clear view of what you want on the canvas from your head.

I would love to see some works of yours that you spend more time on, put more detail into.

I have a few of my pencil drawings posted on my myspace if you would like to see them.

Well done man. There is allot to see on your website and I'm working my way through it :D
idrawgirls said…
Dom> Thanks for such kind regards and taking your time. ;)
I do use ref sometimes to get mostly lighting reference...the best ref is probably the one you sketch from life spending time study face or figure...observe how they really are. If you have no other options at times, you might take a photograph it yourself and/or some good lighting photograph from any sources.
Hope that helps
If you go to life drawing/ painting session a lot...often...there will be no time for erasing and correcting stuff...the more you do it (once or twice a week) the more precise you will get. Confident lines appeal more than indecisive accurate lines (its true!) It doesn't have to be photo real or totally anatomically long as it convey, confident and precise...then...

Anonymous said…
Thanks man, great tips.

I have not actually every gone to art classes, and until recently have not been interested/ any good at doing 2D drawings. I build people in 3D animation programs like maya and I find it so easy to build them up from boxes in the 3D world but making a 3D object 2D was always harder.

So yeah been busy building my skills in the area, working allot with pencil and paper and I do love your style. The oil kind of look with necessary detail in the target areas, draws the eye to what is important in your works.

If you want to check out my attempts of your style visit

I've been meaning to get a website up soon, and i really should but there are some on my myspace. feel free to have a look.

Your a great inspiration. Your making me think I want to do concept art for the animation process rather than 3D model building now :p
idrawgirls said…
Thanks for the long intuitive response. To me 3D nowadays seems a lot harder for me...with all normal map and high-poly render stuff.
Whichever you pick, decide to be great at one, but good at both since you already know's an advantage just in the future you want to lead the team then you know how.
Keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
Hi again.

Once again been looking through your works. Your new stuff is great.

I don't know where to post this but I was wondering if you could shed some light on getting into the area of graphic design / concept design.

I've almost given up on the 3D stuff. I enjoy drawing more now haha and im sure it wont hurt having the 3D skills when applying for a job anyway. You indeed are an inspiration seeing your work unfold. I only started practicing my drawing skills maybe two- three months ago now to build my portfolio and now I’m hooked.. I have a website up with some of my works just so I am able to apply for jobs more easier having some works online.

Would you be able to shed some light on getting into the area, I'm finding it hard. I'm having to apply interstate and they don’t seem to like that to much and most places ask for people with min 3 years experience. How do you get the experience if you cant get a job. Haha catch twenty-two.

Thanks mate

SuperGreg said…
Hello Xia,

To start off with, I am a rather large fan of yours, I think your style is great and im trying my hardest to match up :P The thing is, I dont really know where to go with the whole painting process. I can draw just fine in my opinion, i know theres always room for improvement, but i wanted to get this painting thing down pact though. I am so-so in the shading area but i can always touch up on that, the problem is when im done with the shading and highlighting i dont know how to colour over the top, i notice with most of your artworks with colour, u establish a base sillouhette type thing and then go over with the lighter colour, but then u go over with the colour and u seem to do it all again. Hmmm i know that sounds confusing. I just dont know how to set up the layers and stuff like that. Another thing i noticed with the whole layers thing is that when u paint u go over the original lining, i was wondering how u did that because when i go over on a new layer ontop of the lining it gets rid of it completely, but when i go over it on a layer under it all the original lining is still there, and it takes away from a realistic point. I hope you understood this and i hope you can help :P Once again i really like your style and to sum up I'd like to know what you do with your layers and with the brushes you use for painting and what settings you have them on.

Sorry for the long post :P i just have alot of questions and alot to learn :D
Kevin McKenzie said…
Amazing! You are very talented. What software are you currently using during the videos? Photoshop? Keep it up...
idrawgirls said…
Neo Kenzi> Thanks Neo, should say right underneath the video. And any questions you might have, I am sure they all in the blog. Just spend sometimes play around with it you will find it all.