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Art tutorial: Quick concept pen sketch of character and creature design step by step drawing

Art tutorial, Quick concept art pen sketch of character and creature design drawing step by step. Some creature pen sketch doodle for anime, manga, concept design, comics, illustration and (okaki). I did while I was out in the park to enjoy the sun. Anyway, it's an ideal to bring your little sketchbook with you anywhere you go because when you have five to ten minutes of free time you can always put you quick idea thumbnail sketch at the moment down.
For me using ball-point pen is convenient, no sharpening, no erasing...I only carry two things extra with me.

Here are a some sketches using ball-point pen.
-Some minion creature from the dark side.
-Manga Style Vampire Girl sketch.

Here are step by step creature construction drawing:
1) Get the basic shape
2) Define more shape add on

3) After this I then create more muscle structure and detail. (Remember, there are more than one way to skin a cat!)
TOOLs I used: Ball-point pen (black) and paper.


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