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How to use color palette in Photoshop

How to use color palette and HSB scale in photoshop tutorial and tips for beginner artists and illustrator. Photoshop for drawing, painting Manga, Anime, comics, and concept art tutorial.

OK, I usually have my own palette whenever I work on a piece. But occasionally I will need to add some more color and hue to my new work.

Here is my color palette: It's not much, just a bunch of scribble paint of my favorite color range. As for finding value, digital make it easy or I can just use the basic gradation I have on there.

Though, the palette I have sometimes doesn't provide me with everything I need. But 90% of the time, those are all the color I basically can use all the way to finish illustration. find you color on your own here are the basic guide.
I always use (most artists do) HSB scale window in Photoshop. It makes sense to us as a painter or artists more so than RGB.

Here is a HSB scale:
HSB scale is very self-explanatory:
You can pick rearrange three things that will produce you a result you are looking for.

H = Hue (Hue is one of the main properties of a color described with names such as "red", "yellow", etc. The two other main properties are lightness and colorfulness.)

S = Saturation (In colorimetry and color theory, colorfulness, chroma, and saturation are related but distinct concepts referring to the perceived intensity of a specific color. Colorfulness is the difference between a color against gray. Chroma is the difference of a color against the brightness of another color which appears white under similar viewing conditions. Saturation is the difference of a color against its own brightness.)
Sample: Top (red) is 100% saturation, bottom (gray) is 0% saturation

B= Brightness [(also called effulgence) is an attribute of visual perception in which a source appears to emit a given amount of light. In other words, brightness is the perception elicited by the luminance of a visual target. This is a subjective attribute/property of an object being observed.]

Gray Scale (Brightness), very useful in illustrate black and white illustration or practicing value in painting.

As for RBG and others, they have their own purpose. I just don't bother using them.

Hopefully this post is helpful.

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