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Draw manga facial expression mad or angry girl face step by step and video tutorial

How to Draw manga facial expression angry or mad girl face step by step and video tutorial. Here is some more of the main character facial expression experiment. Learn how to draw simplify head structure and facial feature using geometric shape for Manga Anime comics. Quick and easy drawing and sketching instruction, constructed and draw girl head and face: eyes, nose, mouth, lips and eyebrows. Tips and technique on sketch and how to quickly create an efficient facial design from concept idea into simple visual cartoon art.

I am just now doodling around and try to get into the zone or getting to know the character personality a bit more.

Here is a manga or anime girl angry face. The first is angry, the second is almost to the boiling point or furious.

Here is a step by step Manga construction line for the head tutorial.

Here we can go a bit beyond extreme Manga facial expression.

watch the video how to draw manga facial expression:

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