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Dynasty Warrior inspired Manga style drawing Zhu Clan Warrior woman sketch.

Dynasty Warrior inspired Manga style drawing Zhu Clan Warrior woman sketch. I love Dynasty warrior, but I do play a lot of Ramancing of The Three Kingdoms a lot when I was a kid. This sketch basically my character concept idea that heavily influence by the genre. Except I make it a bit more stylize.

The sketch I again used black ball-pointed pen (beause I have it right by my side). Next time I will try to find some pencil and use them. I was trying to record myself drawing with traditional medium and found that it's not that convenience since I only have a small web-cam and tiny little Sony flip. I am going to need a real camera and the proper set up for that.
But Yes, I really plan to do a pencil drawing process. It's now depending on how soon I can get the better camera and the set up.

Here is a sketch of Zhu Clan Warrior Woman sketch:

If I have sometimes and feel like, then I will probably take it further in render and such. But for now...just a rough sketch.

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Chris Smith said…
Hey, Xia, nice drawing! I love Dynasty Warriors, as well! This character looks good, I would play as her. :)

Great job!
XIA said…
Thanks man! I love the series...hopefully I will do more character replica from the ancient legend.