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Manga comics Character woman sketch, Shanghai Express project Zhu Mei

Manga comics Character woman sketch, Shanghai Express project Zhu Mei. She is the main character of the story.

Facial expression sketch test. key to focus on.
1. The Eyes - Probably the most important feature for expressing a clear emotion. Utilize the eyelids and eyebrows to create your effect.
2. The Cheeks - The way they squash and stretch will affect the look and position of the eyes.
3. The Mouth - The shape of the mouth is also very important. It affects how the cheeks move and the shape of the entire face. In Manga, it can be super saturate, think Jim Carry x 100 or look at the movie the Mask. My favorite facial expression in Manga has to be Ranma1/2, I love how they play around with female facial expression.

*It's a little more settle to do it on female face then men. But I will developed the feature and make her more alive. (these sketches was done 3-4 years back, now I am on a mission to modified these.)

This are the more refine sketch sheet.
MORE video tutorials are coming up this week :)

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