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Manga Step by step Creature Character design, Titan final concept sketch tutorial.

Manga character design Titan step by step, Game concept tutorial: Step by step Creature Character design, Titan final concept sketch.

Here it is, I might take it further but I am afraid this blog will just fill up with this guy sketches. So I am going to call it done for now. Until I can find some more inspiration to revamp it again. But as far as concept goes, this is just the first stage concept presentation. The second stage is pretty much present it and if it goes through then I will have to fresh it out more (supposed if this is in the real world situation.)

-Part 1, 2, and 3 Step by step creature character concept illustration Titan.

Here are the revisited of the old post (I figure it would be easier to navigate, instead of clicking on links)

Here are step by step applying color scheme to this Titan Creature (still work in process)




Watch the Video process tutorial Drawing and Painting Concept Titan Creature:
Part One sketching:

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Watch the video tutorial:

Here is the final three steps:



10) Here is a Final Sketch of the Titan Creature.

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banya said…
Nice to meet you! My Name is online banya says. If you like animated cartoon world's favorite people and would like to talk about the same.
Permitting the link to my site. Thank you.
Thanks,Thank you add to the sense.
Luca said…
Just wanted to tell you something Xia...... A simple WOW!!! Wonderful illustration man as usual after all! (why do you call this one sketch?)
XIA said…
banya> thanks man! I grew up with Manga, I love them.

luca> Thanks brother, I called most of my stuff sketch because I never really have time to refine them to the polish stage like most illustrators do (which takes weeks or months sometimes). They are rough, just have enough information, but can be taken further still. If that make any sense. ;)
Sinan said…
Dear Xia,

You are the best artist I've ever known..
Thank you so so much..
XIA said…
Sinan> Ha ha ha, thanks brother. I am really flatter. I can only wish to be great. You have seen nothing yet on the internet. They are tons of excellent art & artists out there I really admire, You are welcome. :)
Sinan said…
Hello Xia,
How are you, I hope you're fine.

I wonder something about illustration & painting.
I know making money depends on personal and other skills & factors at the same time, but can you comment about the money part of illustrations. If an artist only earns her/his living through ilustrations, can he/she live well? :) thank you so much.
Jasper said…
man i wish i could paint like that
XIA said…
Jasper> thanks bro, YOU CAN! just practice, practice, practice. I still do. :)
Anonymous said…
Hey your pictures are really awesome!
i wish i could paint like that too
so... i'd like to know how u make these films. du you take screenshots or kind like that?
so... i'm new here and i try to upload some of my pictures.
if u would be able to take a short look...
thanks for doing these tutorials :)