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Manga tutorial, facial expression happy girl smile face step by step and video

Manga tutorial, facial expression happy girl smile face step by step and video. How to draw and sketch face of a anime female Character sketch for comics, manga and video game. This character design Concept Art process continue from the previous post, the Shanghai Express project.

Learn how to draw Manga facial expression, head, face and hair of girl, woman, female body using simplify construction line for Manga, Anime, comics.

Here are the happy people faces:

But these ones give her a little more edge to the personality...more sinister, evil kind of smile. Zhou Mei's smile trade mark, I would say.

These ones are a little more settle, like cocky smile.

Watch the video process how to draw Manga Happy faces:

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Luca said…
thanks a lot man... you just remind me to keep everything simple. You know sometimes I just go too much through detail and the final result just not turns good. Thanks!
XIA said…
You are very welcome. Simplicity is illustration if you can present the complexity of your piece with in the simplistic form. You piece will never looks better. I have yet to achieve that. peace!
dahaca6022 said…
hi Xia!it's me again.I find a site it's like life draw session.
My question is how to get myself inspired to draw.because when i draw i dont know what to draw.then i just draw something from that site(
my sketch books are full with anatomy sketches which are not fun to show of