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The quick way to draw and sketch you idea into concept art

4 tips to get your idea into concept art.  The quick way to draw and sketch you idea into concept art down to sketchbook.
If you have to many ideas inside your head, what is the quickest way to acquire ideas you have before it waters away.

If you ever end with no ideas in you mind, where you don't know what to make- I have a lot of things in mind but have no idea on what should I do!

First, Start with core idea first then narrow it down from there.
-What it is like guys, girls, character,
-If creature then what kind, bi-pedals, four legs, snake like, wings...look at one specific animal structure then derive from there.
-If it is a scene...narrow it down to what time period...what style of architecture...why is it there (what for). And what kind of events take place?
-Narrow it down to the specific as much as you can to filter your idea and make it solid.

Second, The key to make it happen is thumbnails them!

That's why we do thumbnails. We might have 50 ideas about one particular topic, but how do we know which one has to potential to be the best 5 out of those 50 ideas.
Thumbnails are the best way to filter your art work and select the best idea to work thru and present in your final collection.

Also Good advice from one of our readers (Thanks to Chris)
With what I usually do (fine art sculpture), when I get stuck I thumb through art books, browse the web, or I stick on some music and let my mind wander and do lots of little sketches. Doesn't matter what they are. Eventually something comes to me. It's also a good idea to go do something else for a bit (maybe even draw something from life) and take your mind off it, then when you come back fresh you might get a spark.

If you have too many ideas or don't know how to accomplish them, just quickly sketch those out too. I often find by doing this you get a clearer idea of what you want or what works and it naturally progresses. Failing that atleast you have a record of what's in your head and you can stick it in someones face and ask them what they would do, and again, something might spark from that.

I also find that if I don't know what direction I want to go in I give myself an ambiguous or vague title, subject or brief to work from i.e. "Generators" and then think of everything I can to do with it, as obvious or distant as I want. Then you can also research the subject, see what others have done and so forth.

Or perhaps for concept work something more focused like "futuristic gun", "desert enviroment", "barbarian", "cave dweller" and so on. Maybe even refine that further to help with ideas - "it's got to have big eyes, claws, clammy skin" etc. Then sketch as many ideas as you can.

Usually I think most of the time you would have to work to some sort of brief anyway, and I would think that in your portfolio if you could show the kind of ideas you would come up with when given a brief, it's gotta look good.

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Chris said…
Go me! lol. I like the idea of looking at an existing animal structure when designing a creature concept to give it some authenticity.
Knuckles930 said…
I've put up a tutorial for icons at the community page, if anyone is interested. I will try to put up some basic info about the tools of Photoshop later.
Luca said…
Thanks Xia and thanks also goes to Chris! I was the one who asked you this question last time right!

Thanks again- very helpful!
Knuckles930 said…
I've started working on some tutorial or something to explain the tools of Photoshop. I don't know when its going to be ready, but I'll let you all know.
XIA said…
Thank you guys!!! There will be feature post more From Chris and Knuckle this coming week!!!

Thanks a lot all you guys rules!
You too Luca who could come up with so many questions that make us think!!!