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LiberTango Astor Piazzolla by Yoyo Ma Music that inspired Art

LiberTango Astor Piazzolla by Yoyo Ma (originally composed by Astor Piazzolla) Music that inspired Art. It is one of top my favorite of all the tango composition ever made.

I have encountered the force of Tango about 10 years ago. It was like a love at first sight or heard. It, somehow to me, has such a broad range of emotion from despair to hope, or sadness to joy within one composition, especially Piazzola's compositions. Then I do some digging around the internet and such so now I have a pretty good collection of Tango in my music library. With Tango, I can actually see things and visualize cool ideas. (More often than not, good grace and confident dancer ladies with a pair of extremely beautiful legs, but that is beside the point.) :) Different kind of music can generate different mood and different color compositions in your head.

This post could count as my personal favorite stuff ;)

Piazzolla is my most favorite Tango composer up to date.
A bit about Piazzolla: In 1929, when Astor is 8 years old, his father gives him his first bandoneon which he had bought at a pawn shop for 19 dollars. In 1933 he studies with the Hungarian pianist Bela Wilda, disciple of Rachmaninov (One of my most favorite classical composers, no wonder I love Piazzolla's music), and of whom Astor would later say “With him I learned to love Bach”.
In 1936, he returns to Argentina for good, where Astor begins to play in some tango orchestras. It is here that he makes his second grand discovery (after Bach with Bela Wilda), when he listens to Elvino Vardaro’s sextet on the radio, Elvino would later become Astor’s violinist. That alternative way of interpreting Tango deeply touches him and he becomes an admirer of Elvino. Astor’s love for Tango, and especially for that style of Tango, touches him deeply and gives him the courage to move to Buenos Aires in 1938.
One of the prizes he won at this composition contest was a scholarship from the French governement to study in Paris (where he goes in 1954), with Nadia Boulanger, considered the best educator in the world of music at the time. At first, Piazzolla tries to hide his tanguero past and his bandoneon work, thinking that his destiny is in classical music.
What was once a choice between the sophisticated music or tango, now would be sophisticated music and tango, but in the most efficient way: to work the structure and layers of sophisticated music with the passion of the tango.
So Piazzolla basically changes the face of Tango forever.

Here is a video or LiberTango:

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the music and get inspired.

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