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Photoshop tutorial, How to make cool icons

Photoshop tutorial, How to make cool icons


So here is a new tutorial on how to make your own custom icons.
In the example we will make an CS3 style icon. Personally I favor
Adobe Fireworks for these kind of things, but since this is a Photoshop
based community, Photoshop it is.

Note that at the end of this tutorial we need to use a small program (so
small you can run it without installing) from Greenfish, a Hungarian company
that makes free-ware software. I found the Icon Editor to be quite nice as
a converter, since the actual editing blows.

You can download the editor free from the Greenfish Download Page.

So here we go:
First start Photoshop and open a new document.

Read more here Original post!
Basic Photoshop tutorial:
-How to Make cool icon in Photoshop by Knuckles930

Thanks again Knuckle!

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