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Blade and Soul Concept art and screenshots.

Blade and Soul Concept art and screenshots.
Kim Hyung Tae's character design tutorial.
Here are some of the released concept art and screenshots of the game.

1) Kim Hyung Tae the artist behind the characters of Blade and Soul visited ArenaNet, GuildWars 2 Dev Team.
Top: Donald Phan, Joe Pikop, Aaron Coberly (Team Lead, Character GW2), and Daniel Dociu (Art Director ArenaNet and NCSoft)
Bottom: Jason Juan, Kim Hyung Tae (Blade & Soul Character Design Artist), and ME.

Some Character design art and screen shots from Blade & Soul 2008 Press released.

Blade and Soul Screenshots:

Enjoy the visual candy boys and girls
New tutorials from idrawgirls:-Drawing and shading face and head
-Draw quick comics panel using values and composition.
-Drawing haunted tree and castle
-Manga tutorial drawing giant mecha robot
-How to draw face soft shading female.
-Concept Art tutorial, magma river lava environment.

Dragon Creature design tutorial
- (Part 1) Draw and paint Dragon Fire Blaze
- (Part 2) Manga Tutorial Draw Fire Dragon
- (Part 3) Digital Art tutorial, Dragon Creature
- (Part 4) Digital Painting Step by step, dragon
- (Part 5) Drawing and painting Dragon Creature

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Luca said…
Ah man you're a GREAT TEAM!!! Brother I think you're not that ugly not to show your face! Man you gave me the impression that you're Chinese, am I right? Chinese people are the people I respect most, you know that?! lol

Those artwork were done in Photoshop?! They're so cool... is there any chance you post a tutorial on doing such refined artwork?

Well done man... awesome work as usual! In that photo I think there are more than 100,000 hours of drawing right!! :D
Chris said…
Are you kidding Luca? THAT IS HIS REAL FACE! Don't you remember that thread a while back? Way to go and hurt his feelings :(

Very cool work, nice and fluid with a great colour palette. He's certainly got an interesting take on ladies.

Xia, when making games do you get to choose your own colour palette, or is it chosen by the lead artist? I guess it has to be the latter as a theme needs to run through the game...
dahaca6022 said…
Stop saying rubbish!If he doesn't want to show his face it's ok.That makes us all come to his site.
but if you were without a mask I wouldn't know who you are.
I bet Xia is the leader of the team!
Those pictures make me inpatient even more for the game!!!
st3ady said…
Hey XIA!
Jealous you got to meet Hyung Tae Kim, his work is awesome, I especially love his women and their juicy chests LOL

I have a weird request: could you list the steps you use to record your tutorials, what software you use, what settings you put it to, and what you use to add in your voice overs? How big are the files usually before you upload them? I would like to record myself and make my own!
Keep up the great work!
pokepetter said…
This game looks interesting. The character design is really good. The clothes and abilities and stuff.

Why did you hide yourself? You should make a Xia hat, like Katy made a squid hat?
dahaca6022 said…
agree!you are like Fredrik the youtuber.he has a hat.think of some object you like best.Agree with Dave
about the programs.
Xia I don't want be annoying or stupid but I am from Bulgaria and I don't know how to pronounce your name
is it[hiksa taptara]
Did you see my car?
Luca said…
My intention was for him to show us and tell us more about his, and since he uploaded a photo, I thaught it would be nice to see them all together. I definitely agree with you Xia-- If you wanted to do so, you did well brother! The privacy is yours and you have all the rights of it! :)

I believe Xia uses the same software I use... It's starts with "C".... :P
XIA said…
LUCA> Thanks again. Mua ha ha ha, :) If there is one thing I could tell you and you have to remember this. It one of the secret of life I have learn over the years. It is "mystery" that make life goes around, it is the "unknown" that make men pursue. I am far from ugly :), once Brad Pitt even said, "Dude! I wish I could look like you, man." I told Brad, "Bro, it's ok to be yourself and proud of it. I am sure you could find the angle to make it work somehow." :)
No and yes, I mean. I don't know if I am making any sense. But sometimes in the sentence if you left something unsaid, it would be more interesting. The air of mystery make people interested, especially girls. If there are two things I love and am good at. Both would be art and ladies. Looks could help with the ladies, but, better yet, great vibe, a little mystery with great confident, play it well, you get whoever you want. :) Not that it has anything to do with this blog. It's a personality thing. And like Chris said "That's my true artist face. The other face, I left it for my other profession underground." My two cents. I know I make no sense :)

Chris> It's true! Palette and style? Art Director set the stage and direction and we all follow. That why when you are looking for a team to work for, look for whoever that have the style that fits you best. :)

dahaca> Ha ha, thanks. I never want to lead anything. I don't find politic and bureaucracy suit my taste. I love freedom and am getting closer and closer to it everyday thanks to all of you and the internet. Most of the time other than doing art, I spend my free time chasing something else and of course blogging/making nonsense tutorials.

steady> Bro, it's not complicate. Download Camtasia Studio to record the process. Then record voice afterward. Play around with the program, it's totally easy. You have 30 days to play with will have to pay. It's the best and most intuitive recording program out there. Nothing fancy at all. Painting and drawing itself is a lot harder. Good luck.

pokepetter> It's a great looking game! I also love it. Ha ha...the Squid hat, I love that. But that's her thang, I can steal her trademark. Though I could post my Halloween pic, it's horrifyingly awesome!

Dahaca> Thanks, yes I see the I am going to have to think really hard about it. Um...give me a while. It pronounces (Zee-Ah) my original last name is Wong. Anyway, long story.

Luca> That's right...see you get it. It's start with the "C" the air of mystery creates curiosity. Just little tiny bit once at the time.

Thanks for all the comment, I will try to catch all of them up to date. PEACE!
dahaca6022 said…
Thanks for typing my name with a capital D.It's pronounced [dahatza]from the Dahaka of The Prince Of Persia.[zee-ah] Xia Wong
Do you know Jake Long/(kidding)
I have all the time in the world or you can write a biography that I will be happy to read.
Thanks for the great time,gotta study
see you all tomorrow!
Oh yeah my art teacher told me I'd have a -C for the unfinished car!-C yeaaaaaah!(I've achieved minimum greatness!!!!)
Anonymous said…
I think you may be the victim of theft like I was.

Their ISP is Dream Host. I have requested that my intellectual property is removed.
XIA said…
Dahaca> You r welcome. :) Sorry you got a c, man!

Melanie> Thank you there. :) How did you find all these stuff? Internet is so vast and could sometimes be scary in the dark alley. Thanks again.
dahaca6022 said…
no no no!I don't go art school!I just showed my art teacher the car and she said that i WOULD have a C if i was in a art school.not to worry!I am in a math the math teacher is as hollow as a spoiled walnut
dahaca6022 said…
Luca said…
Brother, you're good... you're also philosophical! So you met Brad Pitt!?

Awesome... your tips are appreciated since I'm quite shy and quiet! Brother in my opinion if you can make money from full time blogging, I think you should do it... you know how many people you've helped (especially me... I'll post what I've been working on these days...:) I can't imagine what you can do in full-time blogging!
The most thing I appreciate in this blog is the feedback we receive from you... it's a two-way communication!

I really met a good friend here-- thanks brother!

dahaca6022 said…
Agree!I found alot of friends!get an awesome art teacher...
You know what-we should meet up someday BUT Xia must be with his face-mask so that ne never get tired of him!GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
snow said…
I always new Xia was a stud!
Luna said…
Well this game looks good.

The art style reminds me greatly of the Magna Carta RPG on the PS2. Was it the same guy for both?
XIA said…
snow> Thanks bro, actually I am not a stud at all. Stud is me. :) kiddin.

Luna> Yes it absolutely does! It was a lot more bloody before, they tone it down a lot. Yes, it's the same main character concept guy.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks brother! Shyness is nurture, not nature. I was a shy kid who love solitude until I find out that I love them ladies and I have to get them (around hi-school and college, well some would consider it a waste of time, but it serve me well later on. I have switch on and off depending on what I want to focus on at times.). It's ultimately up to you to choose if you want to be social savvy or not. Social intelligent and confident help you gets around in life, career, and a lot of new opportunity you never explore.
Think of it like this, the more control you have in the social setting, the more you will get out of it. Know what you want, then go get it because if you don't someone else will. The world is yours, take it and be assertive.

XIA said…
dahaca> Thanks bro, I think I will where that on the next Halloween. Great idea, now I have to learn how to make a silicon mask. :)
Luna said…
Well that explains why I like the artstyle so much. I'll definitely have to check this out when it is available in the states.
Luca said…
golden words brother... thanks! I will improve- I give you my word! although I know it won't affect you at all!