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How to draw short hair girl

How to draw shadowcat Kitty Pryde as a short hair girl.  Drawing tutorial art video and step by step instruction for comics girl female face and torso comics style.
How to draw woman face, female sketch tutorial: drawing woman or girl, female feature, girl character comic style. Learn how to draw girl’s human head easy lesson for comics, manga, anime, concept art, cartoon illustration using photoshop or practice using pencil and paper. Drawing female facial feature of a character.

Below are step by step images drawing short hair girl.
how to draw anime girl

how to draw anime girl

how to draw anime girl

how to draw anime girl

how to draw anime girl

how to draw anime girl

Watch a drawing video tutorial, Drawing short hair girl

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  • Comments

    snow said…
    hey xia!

    i have some questions about your sketches on your other site that you did in pencil. The very first picture, the amazon girl with the sword, how big did you draw this? and with what pencil? It's kept so neat, it's my favorite of all the work you've done I'd love to know what you did!

    Luca said…
    hi brother... again nice work- her eyes are so realistic!
    keep up the good work man... you keep on inpire me! :)
    Dahaca said…
    You are completely right Xia!I I need is experience, anatomy and that pruspective darn.I promise that when my education i over I will draw more
    idrawgirls said…
    Snow> Thanks brother, that one was done around 2003 or 2004, I am not was at the beginning of Guild Wars. It's done with 2B pencil on 9 x 12 inches 70lb sketch pad. It took me a while to get that one done. Thanks :)

    Luca> Thanks bro, I will try to do more sketch next time, hopefully I will get the real camera to work so I can record real pencil once in a while.

    dahaca> Yes! Life drawing is the real secret to get use to figure, face and everything else, no matter what style it somehow base on real life object.

    Luca said…
    That's a good idea brother to record paper drawing... I did once a drawing like this- the main problem is to set the camera at a very good angle. The Gnomon's workshop has many videos that record life drawing (they're super equipped though!)